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Through systematic curriculum planning, we nourish students’ learning motivation and self-learning ability, instill in them a correct learning habit and attitude, so as to create a positive learning ambience/environment.
To nurture students’ learning ability, the school advocates self-learning, preparation for lessons and note-taking skills and enhances learning effectiveness and efficiency with the support of electronic learning technology.
Besides, as techology education emerges and advances, the school has supplemented the current Computer Studies with elements from Mathematics, Science and Technology; and has added to all junior forms a new subject – Science Technology and Living. All has been done to trigger students’ interest in science and research.
To further optimize classroom quality and improve students’ learning habits, motivation and efficiency, teachers actively participate in inter-school development programs and university partnership projects, as well as co-preparation, peer observation and professional sharing, to optimize learning and teaching strategies.
Our role is to promote quality development of teaching and learning. In recent years, the school has restructured the curriculum to accommodate students with diverse abilities and has altered the classroom learning and teaching strategies to facilitate small-group teaching in order to provide students with the best learning support. We have published a booklet showcasing samples of the best teaching practices of the past three years, so that teachers can seize the opportunity to learn from each other.
Summary of Duties:
  1. Design the New Senior Secondary Curriculum
  2. Re-structure the junior curriculum
  3. Assess students’ results and devise improvement strategies
  4. Set out long-term goals and development missions concerning academic affairs
  5. Coordinate the curriculum of all subjects, self-evaluation and teaching research, etc. and administrative and operational arrangements
  6. Organize class promotion and detention meetings
  7. Handle student admission and repeat arrangements for each form
  8. Schedule for all classes, tests and exams
  9. Coordinate all tests and exams
Committee Members:
Mr Chung Yiu Kee, Mr Cheng Wai Ming, Ms Chan Lai Fan Winnie, Mr Wong Chun Kin, Mr Yip Wing Chiu, Ms Yu Shuk Kwai and Ms Lai Wai Han Annie

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