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  • Ensure all computer facilities are in good working condition for use by teachers and students
  • Implement computerization in school to reduce manpower and teachers’ workload
  • Implement digital storage of files and information as part of administrative computerization
  • Assist teachers with the use of the computers for teaching
  • Provide professional advice about using computers for teaching
  • Procure and upgrade computer equipment
  • Develop multi-media facilities for use by teachers and students
Short-term Goals:
  • Install a computer and a computer desk in each classroom to facilitate teachers in using IT for teaching
  • Expand the Campus TV and upgrade it to digital broadcasting
  • Provide support to STEM education
  • Conduct evaluation online or in writing to perfect the work of each committee
  • Upgrade the hardware including computers, overhead projectors, audio and visual equipment, slide projectors, etc.
Committee Members:
1. Mr Hung Fu Yin      2. Ms Chui Sze Yui    3. Mr Choy Man Sui    4. Mr Lo Chi Ming

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