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Features of Curriculum
1. To Create a Rich English Language Environment for Students
Our school focuses on the training of “biliterate trilingualism” and aims at improving students’ ability to read, write, listen and speak English in order to meet the needs of the society. Our school organizes many English extracurricular activities, such as encouraging students to participate in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, English Fun Day, English Week, School Partnership Scheme – “Reading to Learn, Learning To Serve”, Storytelling Workshops, Island School Visits, Hand-in-Hand English Learning Programme, English Ambassador Scheme, EnglishWeCan, Summerbridge Programme, etc. Students have many opportunities to communicate with international school students and foreign teachers to improve their English communication ability.
Our school has an English learning centre, which promotes the use of English in daily life.
Our native-speaking English teacher organizes an English workshop for parents to suggest different ways for parents to help their children to learn English at home, and to introduce various English learning games and Internet resources for parents to use at home with their children.
2. To Fine-tune Medium of Instruction and Promote Self-Regulated Learning
Allocating funds flexibly and recruiting additional teaching staff, our school provides students with a positive learning environment to enable students of different backgrounds and abilities to improve their learning ability at their own pace in a harmonious atmosphere.
In order to improve students' English language proficiency, since 2015/16 academic year, under the arrangement of “allocation of time to subjects”, starting from S.1, Mathematics and Science subjects have been taught in English (the adoption of EMI) in an English Class. In addition, two supplementary lessons are arranged after school each week to enhance students’ learning in the English Class. In other CMI classes, selective modules of mathematics and science courses are taught in English.
3. To Stress the Importance of Academic Development and Promote Peer Learning 
The school aims to enhance the academic achievement of students. In addition to teaching the subject knowledge through lecturing in the classroom, teachers use electronic devices to enable students to learn interactively in a pleasant atmosphere.
4.   To Promote STEM Education
In recent years, in line with the trend of education in Hong Kong, our school provides Technology and Living in junior forms and integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) into computer education. Adopting new technology, our school enables students to develop creativity and keep abreast of technological knowledge and development in a changing environment. 
5.   To Go Beyond the Boundary of Classroom – Authentic and Around-the-world Learning
Our school organizes a number of study tours to give students at different forms chances to travel abroad and broaden their horizons.
6.   To Build a Professional Teaching Team
Our school has always attached importance to the professional development of teachers. The School Development Committee coordinates the professional development activities of teachers in our school, organizes different types of teacher training activities and invite experts from various fields to share their experiences with teachers. Last year, our school held “How to use e-learning to promote learning and teaching” Workshop, "CLAP for Youth” Career and Life Planning Teacher Workshop, and talks on “The latest Guide to SEN students” and “Experience sharing of teachers participating overseas visit". Our school also constructs a reflective team by using questionnaires and evalution meetings to collect the opinions of various stakeholders on teaching and learning and school administration. Our teachers have also been invited to visit primary schools in the district for sharing effective teaching practices and exploring how to foster the links between primary and secondary school curricula.
Teachers from Elegantia College (sponsored by
the Education Convergence) , Tin Shui Wai
Methodist Collegeland Concordia Lutheran School
- North Point wereinvited to visit our school
and share with our teachers
their experience of catering for learner diversity.
Our teachers visited Hong Kong Red Swastika
Society Tai Po Secondary School to learn strategies
for curriculum adaptation and designs
for teaching materials. 
Mr. Poon Kai Cheung, Vice Principal of Hong Kong
Red Swastika Society Tai Po Secondary School,
was invited to give a talk on catering
for learner diversity.
Participtating in the Quality School Improvement
Program (QSIP) and working with
the professional team from the Chinese University
of Hong Kong, the teaching effectiveness
is further improved in Chinese,
Mathmatics and Liberal Studies.

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