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We aim at nurturing students’ ability to understand themselves, make plans, set goals and reflect on themselves. We also help students understand their potential study and career paths. Hence, students can orient themselves towards their interests, abilities and ambitions to fully develop their talents, realize their potentials, assure themselves, prepare sufficiently for the future and live their lives to the fullest.
  1. Individual/Small-group Counseling
Conduct individual counseling for S.6 students to help them plan for their studies and career and seek directions for life development; conduct small-group counseling for S.5 students to guide them towards understanding themselves and the qualities required in the workplace
  1. Company Visits
Arrange visits to various companies from different industries for senior form students to learn about the latest workplace development
  1. School Admission Seminars
Organize a number of school admission seminars for senior form students to understand the features and strengths of different colleges and various possible options for continuous education
  1. Life Planning Workshops
Organize various workshops on diverse topics – self-awareness, nurturing good attitudes and values for junior forms; life planning, interview skills, writing cover letters and resumes, options for further study, etc. for senior forms
  1. DSE-Result Release Day Rehearsal
Organize DSE-result release day rehearsal for students’ experience and preparation
  1. Community College Visits
Organize visits to community colleges for students to experience life in campus in the hope that this will help them set a study goal early
  1. Consolidate Applications for Applied Learning Subjects
Consolidate the applications for applied learning subjects for senior form students with an aim to broaden students’ exposure
Committee Members:
Ms Kwok Ching Chi, Ms Li Jie Ting, Mr Chan King Fai, Ms Kwong Ngan Ying, Mr Wong Ho Kit Berti

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